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2019-12-03ImmuneBiotech will present at BioStock Live Investor Showcase in Stockholm on Dec 3rd

The presentations will be broadcasted live even reaching audience outside the meeting and abroad. Links to the presentations will be available on:

We welcome you to hear our presentation live or register online!
(Attendance and online registration are free of charges.)


Press Releases

2020-09-22ImmuneBiotech: Patent granted for GutMagnific® in United States


2020-06-10ImmuneBiotech: Starts clinical trial of GutMagnific® in ME/CFS in collaboration with Stora Sköndal ME clinic


2019-10-16ImmuneBiotech: Market launch of first product GutMagnific™


2019-05-07ImmuneBiotech: Winner of H2020 “SME Instrument” Phase 1


2019-01-24ImmuneBiotech closes new share issue with funding from recognized international investors and business angels


2018-06-20ImmuneBiotech and Sacco enter strategic manufacturing agreement


2018-05-29ImmuneBiotech´s scientifically designed probiotic product closer to the market through financial support by Vinnova


2018-02-15ImmuneBiotech: successful financing and strengthened management team


2016-05-04ImmuneBiotech AB has been awarded a grant by Innovationskontor Syd’s ACCELERATOR program

ImmuneBiotech AB has been awarded a grant by Innovationskontor Syd to support the development of a probiotic based therapy for one of the most prevalent, wide spread diseases, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).


Latest news

2019-11-24 Podcast and interview with Shahram Lavasani on Entrepreneurship and story of ImmuneBiotech


2019-11-07  Shahram Lavasani receives  prestigious invitation to attend scientific talk show(Om X antal År), organized by Medicon Village and the daily journal of Sydsvenskan, led by Jesper Rönndahl (Swedish TV-host and comedian), with the focus on Prevention – innovations that contribute to improving health.


2019-10-24 ImmuneBiotech is invited as a key representative in film presenting the Medicon Village

ImmuneBiotech is located at Lund´s most attractive Science and Business Park—Medicon Village.

More news on activities in Medicon Village:


2019-10-16 Shahram Lavasani, Founder and CEO of ImmuneBiotech, receives expert invitation to ME/CFS union-RME´s closed meeting in Stockholm.


2019-10-08 Shahram Lavasani gives Keynote speech at Synapse-Life Science Connect at Medicinteknik i Skåne, Skane University Hospital


2019-03-21 Shahram Lavasani, CEO at ImmuneBiotech, is invited to speak at:
The future of Swedish and Danish life science – how to benefit patients


2019-01-24 ImmuneBiotech were celebrated at SmiLe incubator graduating from the business incubator program. The company has been a member of the SmiLe Alumni community since Februray 2018, ready to face up to a new chapter in its history. 


2019-01-03 ImmuneBiotech wins Medicon Village Entrepreneur Slam 2018


2018-12-18 We have had a great end of 2018 by winning the Entrepreneur Slam Final in Medicon Village in Lund.


2018-12-18Life Science Sweden: De snackade hem pokalen i Lund


2018-12-13Video recorded interview with Shahram Lavasani-the winner of the Entrepreneur Slam 2018-on YouTube


2018-12-11ImmuneBiotech wins the Entrepreneur Slam 2018


2018-06-27EFL bidrar med pris på Entrepreneur Slam

2018-06-27 Swedish news agency Sydsvenskan (8till5): Lundabaserat inkubatorföretag tar hem kontrakt med Europadominant


2018-06-20 Swedish news agency Rapidus newsletter
2018-06-20 Probiotikabolag från Lund startar massproduktion


2018-06-07 Shahram Lavasani is invited to set up and lead the following worskhop in London: Strategic competitive intelligence and the role of the Microbiome in Immuno-Oncology


2018-02-15 Swedish news agency Sydsvenskan (8till5): Tung techprofil investerar i Lundabaserat inkubatorföretag


2018-02-14 Swedish news agency Rapidus newsletter : ImmuneBiotech får miljontillskott från namnkunniga





The 4th Microbiome Movement- Drug Development Summit, London, UK.

Feb, 2020

Asia’s pharma & biotech festival – Phar-East – Immunotherapy, Singapore.

March, 2020

The 7th Microbiome & Probiotics R&D and Business Collaboration Forum, Rotterdam,Netherlands.

May, 2020

Translational Microbiome Conference, Boston, USA.

May, 2020

The Gut Week Summit, Barcelona, Spain.

Sept, 2020

The prestigious European Microbiome Congress, London, UK.

Nov, 2020



Shahram Lavasani is invited to speak at  the prestigious European Microbiome Congress, London, UK.

Nov 13-14, 2019


Shahram Lavasani, ImmuneBiotech’s founder and CEO, is invited to speak at Advances in Immuno-Oncology Congress, London, UK.

May 20-21, 2019


Shahram Lavasani speaks at World Vaccine Congress, Washington, USA.

April 14-17, 2019


Shahram Lavasani is invited to the World Immunotherapy Congress as a part of Festival of Biologics in US to open the meeting by holding a workshop on Microbiome and delivering a keynote talk on ImmuneBiotech’s success in designing microbial therapies, San Diego, USA.

March 3-5, 2019




Shahram Lavasani is invited to deliver a keynote talk on ImmuneBiotech’s novel selection platform to develop companion probiotic products, at the 4th Annual European Microbiome Congress, London, UK.

November 13-15, 2018


Shahram Lavasani is invited to present ImmuneBiotech at BIO-Europe side event-Microbiome in collaboration with Medicon Valley Alliance, Copenhagen, Denmark

November 8, 2018



Shahram Lavasani is invited as speaker and chairman at 2nd Annual Microbiome: Translating into Diagnostics and Therapeutics Summit, Vienna, Austria.

October 2-3, 2018



Shahram Lavasani is invited to deliver a keynote talk on the role of microbiome on the cancer immunotherapy, at the Immuno-Oncology, London, UK.

September 26-27, 2018



Shahram Lavasani is invited to deliver a keynote talk on The Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Sciences Society (PHSS) Annual Conference 2018 at the University College London (UCL), London, UK.

September 11, 2018


Gut-Brain Axis Paris

Shahram Lavasani is invited as speaker and chairman at the The Gut-Brain Axis 2018 conference, Paris, France.

September 6-7, 2018



Founders Forum HealthTech 2018 – YouTube Channel

Shahram Lavasani has received an exclusive invitation to attend the Founders Forum London – HealthTech 2018 and speak at the very special Biome Tech session.

June 14, 2018


Drug Discovery Berlin
As an honorary member of the Microbiome Director´s Club Shahram Lavasani is invited to attend the 2nd Annual Microbiome Discovery and Development Congress, Berlin, Germany.

June 7-8, 2018



Shahram Lavasani and Karin Larsson are attending The Microbiome Invest Congress in London, UK.

May 23, 2018


ImmuneBiotech has been chosen for a final Pitch:




Karin Larsson is attending the Vitafoods Europe at Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland May 15-17, 2018.



Shahram Lavasani has received an exclusive invitation from Helmsley Charitable Trust and the Kenneth Rainin Foundation in New York to attend and contribute to workshop about Diet and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). New York, USA.
April 19, 2018



Shahram Lavasani is an invited speaker at the 18th World Vaccine Congress, section for Immune Profiling and role of the Microbiome. Washington D.C, USA.
April 4-5, 2018



Shahram Lavasani is an invited speaker at Microbiome Therapeutics. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
March 14 – 15, 2018
Shahram Lavasani is an invited speaker at Pharmaceutical Microbiology in London, UK.
January 22–23, 2018




Shahram Lavasani is an invited speaker at GUT-BRAIN AXIS Summit in San Francisco, USA.
December 12–14, 2017 The brochure


Shahram Lavasani is an invited speaker at Microbiome Human Nutrition Summit in Boston, USA.
November 14–16, 2017


Shahram Lavasani is an invited speaker at Pharmaceutical Microbiology East Coast 2017 in Iselin, New Jersey, USA.
November 13-14, 2017


Shahram Lavasani is an invited speaker at Medicon Valley Alliance, Microbiome Summit, Copenhagen, Sweden.
October 4-5, 2017


ImmuneBiotech is attending to the Nordic Life Science (NLS) Days in Malmö, Sweden.
September 12-14, 2017


Shahram Lavasani is an invited speaker at Microbiome Discovery & Development Congress in Berlin, Germany
June 12-13, 2017


Shahram Lavasani is an invited speaker at Probiotics Congress and 4th Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum: Europe in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
April 3-4, 2017


European Microbiome Congress, London, UK
ImmuneBiotech has been selected to PITCH YOUR MICROBES at the Congress
November 30-December 1, 2016


JLINX Symposium, Janssen Pharmaceutica, Beerse, Belgium
October 19, 2016


Nordic Life Science Days in Stockholm
September 14-15, 2016


Southern Sweden Going Global project


BioEurope Spring 2016
April 3-6, 2016
Stockholm, Sweden

Scientific Publications

Intestinal barrier dysfunction develops at the onset of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis, and can be induced by adoptive transfer of auto-reactive T cells.
Nouri M, Bredberg A, Weström B, Lavasani S.
PLoS One. 2014 Sep 3;9(9)

Targeting versus tinkering: explaining why the clinic is frustrated with molecular mapping of disease mechanisms.
Bredberg A, Lavasani S.
Med Hypotheses. 2013 Oct;81(4):553-6

A novel probiotic mixture exerts a therapeutic effect on experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis mediated by IL-10 producing regulatory T cells.
Lavasani S, Dzhambazov B, Nouri M, Fåk F, Buske S, Molin G, Thorlacius H, Alenfall J, Jeppsson B, Weström B.
PLoS One. 2010 Feb 2;5(2)

ImmuneBiotech in the News